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A small historical reference

Geography: Burnie - is a port city on the north-west coast of Tasmania. When founded in 1827, Burnie was named Emu Bay but it was renamed for William Burnie, a director of the Van Diemen's Land Company, in the early 1840s. (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1827

History: The key industries are heavy manufacturing, forestry and farming. The Burnie port along with the forestry industry provides the main source of revenue for the city. Burnie was the main port for the west coast mines after the opening of the Emu Bay Railway in 1897. Most industry in Burnie was based around the railway and the port that served it.

After the hand over of the Surrey Hills and Hampshire Hills lots, the agriculture industry was largely replaced by forestry. The influence of forestry had a major role on Burnie's development in the 1900s with the founding of the pulp and paper mill by Associated Pulp and Paper Mills in 1938 and the woodchip terminal in the later part of the century. The Burnie Paper Mill closed in 2010 after failing to secure a buyer.

Population: 19 819

Burnie. Bay View Hotel
Bay View Hotel, circa 1900
Burnie. Jones Hotel
Jones Hotel
Burnie. Looking towards sea
Looking towards sea from behind township
Burnie. Panorama of the city and pier
Panorama of the city and pier
Panorama of West Burnie
Panorama of West Burnie
Burnie. Rocks removed for New Wharves
Rocks removed for New Wharves, between 1860 and 1880
Burnie. View from Stowport Road
View from Stowport Road
Burnie. Wynyard Road
Wynyard Road

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