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Geography: The City of Lake Macquarie is a local government area in the Hunter region of New South Wales, Australia. The area is situated adjacent to the city of Newcastle and was proclaimed as a city from 7 September 1984. The city is approximately 150 km (93 mi) north of Sydney. One of its major tourist attractions is its lake, also named Lake Macquarie.

The area is a set of contiguous towns that surround a coastal saltwater lake. These towns merge with the suburbs of Newcastle to the north. Some suburbs, such as Adamstown Heights are partly in the City of Newcastle and partly within the City of Lake Macquarie. There are 92 identified settlements ranging from small rural style communities through to larger and higher density areas such as Toronto, Warners Bay, Belmont, Charlestown and Morisset. (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1906

Population: 204 156

Lake Macquarie. Belmont - John Darling Colliery
Belmont - John Darling Colliery
Lake Macquarie. Belmont - Melvic Theatre
Belmont - Melvic Theatre, Pacific Highway, 1959
Lake Macquarie. Belmont - Melvic Theatre
Belmont - Melvic Theatre and Post Office, Pacific Highway, 1953
Lake Macquarie. Cardiff - First Picture Theatre
Cardiff - First Picture Theatre
Lake Macquarie. Cardiff - Main Road
Cardiff - Main Road
Lake Macquarie. Cardiff - Post Office
Cardiff - Post Office, Veronica Street
Lake Macquarie. Cardiff - Railway Station
Cardiff - Railway Station, 1940
Lake Macquarie. Cardiff South - Baptist Church
Cardiff South - Baptist Church, Lake Avenue, 1923
Lake Macquarie. Cardiff - Thomas and Mary Streets
Cardiff - Thomas and Mary Streets, 1930
Lake Macquarie. Charlestown Hotel, 1941
Charlestown Hotel, 1941
Lake Macquarie. Charlestown - Literary Institute
Charlestown - Literary Institute, 1896
Lake Macquarie. Charlestown - Police Station
Charlestown - Police Station
Lake Macquarie. Charlestown - Public School
Charlestown - Public School, 1907
Lake Macquarie. Charlestown - Smith Street
Charlestown - Smith Street, 1880
Lake Macquarie. Cooranbong - Post Office
Cooranbong - Post Office
Lake Macquarie. Morisset - Aerial photo
Morisset - Aerial photo
Lake Macquarie. Morisset - Main Road
Morisset - Main Road
Lake Macquarie. Morisset - Post Office
Morisset - Post Office, June 1951
Lake Macquarie. Swansea - C.F. Boon's Store
Swansea - C.F. Boon's Store, circa 1900
Lake Macquarie. Swansea - Main Street
Swansea - Main Street, Central Hall Refreshment Rooms, Thompsons Central Store
Lake Macquarie. Swansea - Opening span of bridge
Swansea - Opening span of bridge, June 1956
Lake Macquarie. Toronto - Coffee Pot Train
Toronto - Coffee Pot Train
Lake Macquarie. Toronto - McIntyres bakery cart
Toronto - McIntyres bakery cart
Lake Macquarie. Toronto - Taxi stand
Toronto - Taxi stand

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