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Geography: Launceston - is a city in the north of Tasmania, Australia at the junction of the North Esk and South Esk rivers where they become the Tamar River. Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania after Hobart. With a population of 86,633, Launceston is the twelfth-largest non-capital city in Australia. It is the only inland city in Tasmania. (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1806

History: Settled by Europeans in March 1806, Launceston is one of Australia's oldest cities and is home to many historic buildings. Like many Australian places, it was named after a town in the United Kingdom in this case, Launceston, Cornwall. Launceston has also been home to several firsts such as the first use of anaesthetic in the Southern Hemisphere, the first Australian city to have underground sewers and the first Australian city to be lit by hydroelectricity. Local government is split between the City of Launceston and the Meander Valley and West Tamar Councils.

Population: 86 633

Launceston. Brisbane Street
Brisbane Street
Launceston. Bullock team, Brisbane Street
Bullock team, Brisbane Street
Launceston. Clearing out for Melbourne
Clearing out for Melbourne
Launceston. Fountain Princess Square
Fountain Princess Square
Launceston. Kings Wharf
Kings Wharf
Launceston. Power Station
Power Station
Launceston. St. John's Church and Parsonage
St. John's Church and Parsonage
Launceston. Street with pedestrians
Street with pedestrians, trams and cars, possibly Brisbane Street

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