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A small historical reference

Geography: Lismore is a city in northeastern New South Wales, Australia and the main population centre in the City of Lismore local government area; it is also a regional centre in the Northern Rivers region of the State. (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1856

History: The European history of the city begins in 1843: a pastoral run covering an area of 93 square kilometres (36 sq mi) was taken up by Captain Dumaresq at this time covering the Lismore area and was stocked with sheep from the New England area. Ward Stephens took up the run in the same year, but the subtropical climate was unsuited for sheep grazing, so it was eventually abandoned. In January 1845, William and Jane Wilson took it over. The Wilsons were Scottish immigrants, who arrived in New South Wales in May 1833. One theory has it that Jane Wilson was responsible for naming the location for Lismore, Scotland, where the couple had honeymooned, whereas another one is that it was named after Lismore, Ireland because of the similarity in the scenery.

In 1855, the surveyor Frederick Peppercorne was instructed by Sir Thomas Mitchell to determine a site for a township in the area. Peppercorne submitted his map of the proposed village reserve on 16 February 1856. The chosen site was William Wilson's homestead paddock and the area was proclaimed the "Town of Lismore" in the NSW Government Gazette on 1 May 1856. The township was soon settled and its Post Office was opened on 1 October 1859. Lismore was incorporated as a municipality on 5 March 1879, and was eventually proclaimed a city on 30 August 1946.

Population: 29 413

Sights: From the mid-1950s until the early 1960s Lismore hosted an annual Floral Carnival in early September. The week-long programme of events culminated in a street parade of decorated floats, crowning of the Floral Queen and a fireworks display.

Lismore. A park
A park in Lismore
Lismore. Bridge over Richmond River
Bridge over Richmond River, between 1900 and 1910
Lismore. Keen Street, 1938
Keen Street, 1938
North Lismore station
North Lismore station and flooded houses
Lismore. Old Mechanics Institute
Old Mechanics Institute, circa 1930
Lismore. Post Office, 1904
Post Office, 1904
Lismore. The banks of the Richmond River
The banks of the Richmond River
Lismore. The Wyrallah Richmond River
The Wyrallah Richmond River

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