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Geography: Maitland - is a city in the Lower Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia and the seat of Maitland City Council, situated on the Hunter River approximately 166 kilometres (103 mi) by road north of Sydney and 35 km (22 mi) north-west of Newcastle. It is on the New England Highway about 17 km (11 mi) from its start at Hexham.

Maitland spread over an area of 390.2 square kilometres (151 sq mi), with most of the population located in a strip along the New England Highway between the suburbs of Rutherford and Metford respectively. The city centre is located on the right bank of the Hunter River, protected from potential flooding by a levee.

Surrounding areas include the cities of Cessnock and Singleton local government areas. (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1820

History: Originally Maitland consisted of three separate towns which arose roughly all around the same time. West Maitland, now just Maitland, was a privately founded town which grew because of its proximity to the river and which today is the commercial centre of the city. The other areas were East Maitland, which was established by the colonial New South Wales government, and Morpeth, another private town founded by Lieutenant Close, a Peninsular War veteran. Each town functioned as if they were separate municipalities.

The name, Maitland, was reported in 1885 to have had its name taken 'from Sir George Maitland, ... Under Secretary for the Colonies, and M.P. for the Borough of Whitchurch, in Hampshire, England'.

The present city was proclaimed in 1945 with the amalgamation of the three local government areas. The city's boundaries have been increased by incorporating parts of other local government areas since then (most notably Kearsley Shire which from 1946 to 1949 was the only local government area in Australia's history to have a Communist majority of councillors).

West Maitland was founded in 1820 close to the tidal reach of the Hunter River where vessels with a shallow draft could navigate. Nearby Morpeth served as the head of navigation for larger ships (later, steamships), and goods would be transhipped upriver to West Maitland on barges and smaller vessels. Originally the route river route between Morpeth and West Maitland was 26 kilometres (16 mi).

Maitland was therefore the point at which goods were unloaded for, and distributed to, the prosperous riverland of the Hunter Valley. Accordingly, there were large warehouses (some of which still exist) built, which faced onto the main High Street and backed onto the Hunter River. For almost 20 years until the Victorian gold rush, Maitland was the second largest town in Australia. The arrival of the railway from Newcastle in the 1850s, coupled with the increasing silting of the river and larger ships spelt the end of the traditional river traffic.

The first electricity connected in the area was to Maitland Town Hall in 1922, to the Hall's front light.

Population: 67 132

Maitland. Brickmaking Pottery, 1885
Brickmaking East Maitland Pottery, 1885
East Maitland, 1884
East Maitland, 1884
Maitland. Family and sandstone house
Family and sandstone house, West Maitland (probably), between 1881 and 1884
Maitland. High Street
High Street, West Maitland, between 1900 and 1910
Maitland. High Street
High Street, West Maitland
Maitland. Leeholme, 1885
Leeholme, 1885
Maitland. Les Darcy at the blacksmith shop door
Les Darcy at the blacksmith shop door, East Maitland, 1910
Maitland. Mail office, 1884
Mail office, 1884
Maitland Town Hall
Maitland Town Hall in its early days
Maitland. Oldest house in the colony
Oldest house in the colony, 1884
Maitland. Opening first tram
Opening first tram in Maitland, 1909
Panorama of East Maitland, 1884
Panorama of East Maitland, 1884
Panorama of East Maitland, 1884
Panorama of East Maitland, 1884
Maitland. Post Office
Post Office in West Maitland
Maitland. Primary school
Primary school, West Maitland (probably), between 1881 and 1884
Maitland. Railway Station, 31 December 1877
Railway Station, 31 December 1877
Maitland. Sauchie House, 21 January 1918
Sauchie House, West Maitland, 21 January 1918
Maitland. S.S. Coonanbarra, paddle steamer
S.S. Coonanbarra, paddle steamer, 1884
Maitland. S.S. Lubra, paddle steamer
S.S. Lubra, paddle steamer, 1884
Maitland. S.S. Maitland, paddle steamer
S.S. Maitland, paddle steamer, 1884
Maitland. S.S. Sydney, paddle steamer
S.S. Sydney, paddle steamer, 1884
Maitland. Telegraph Office, 1885
Telegraph Office in East Maitland, 1885
West Maitland station, flood in 1930
West Maitland station, flood in 1930
Maitland. Working at railway station
Working at Maitland railway station, 31 December 1909

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