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Geography: Maryborough - is a city located on the Mary River in Queensland, Australia, approximately 255 kilometres (160 mi) north of the state capital, Brisbane. The city is served by the Bruce Highway. It is closely tied to its neighbour city Hervey Bay which is approximately 30 kilometres (20 mi) northeast. Together they form part of the area known as the Fraser Coast. (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1847


Population: 27 846


Maryborough. Cargo steamship 'Echuca', 1921
Cargo steamship "Echuca" at Walker's Shipyards, 1921
Maryborough. Central Infants School
Central Infants School
Maryborough. Flooding of the Mary River, 1893
Flooding of the Mary River, 1893
Maryborough Station Yard, 1882
Maryborough Station Yard, 1882
Maryborough. Shipbuilding on the Mary River
Shipbuilding on the Mary River
Maryborough. SS. 'Eagle'
SS. "Eagle"
Maryborough. View of the Mary River, 1924
View of the Mary River, 1924
Maryborough. War Memorial, circa 1922
War Memorial, circa 1922

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