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Geography: Port Augusta is a small city in South Australia. It is a seaport and railway junction city mainly located on the east coast of the Spencer Gulf immediately south of the gulf's head and about 322 kilometres (200 mi) north of the state capital. The suburb of Port Augusta West is located on the west side of the gulf on the Eyre Peninsula. Other major industries included, up until mid-2010s, electricity generation. (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1852

History: It is a natural harbour which was founded on 24 May 1852 by Alexander Elder and John Grainger who selected the location for the port. Mr. Grainger was a member of Government from Adelaide. The port was named after Augusta Sophia, Lady Young, the wife of the Governor of South Australia, Sir Henry Edward Fox Young.

Population: 14 214

Port Augusta. Bank of Adelaide
Bank of Adelaide in Commercial Road, 1870
Port Augusta. 'Bob, the railway dog', 1887
'Bob, the railway dog', 1887
Port Augusta. Premises of Wilcox & Co. shop, 1878
Premises of Wilcox & Co., drapers and E. Baker's saddler shop, 1878
Port Augusta. Railway sheds, 1916
Railway sheds and workshops for the east west railway, 1916
Port Augusta. Railway Station in the 1920s
Railway Station in the 1920s
Port Augusta. Railway Terminus Hotel, 1919
Railway Terminus Hotel, 1919
Port Augusta. Three drays loaded with wool bales
Three drays loaded with wool bales, in front of the Tassie & Co. premises, 1876
Port Augusta. View of 'Young & Gordon late Bignell & Young' shop
View of 'Young & Gordon late Bignell & Young' shop, 1885

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