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Geography: Port Pirie - is the sixth most populous city in South Australia after Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Whyalla, Murray Bridge and Port Lincoln. It is a seaport on the east coast of the Spencer Gulf, 223 km (139 mi) north of Adelaide. (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1845

History: The settlement was founded in 1845 and is the site of the world's largest lead smelter, operated by Nyrstar. It also produces refined silver, zinc, copper and gold.

The first European to see the location was Matthew Flinders in 1802 as he explored the Spencer Gulf by boat. The first land discovery by settlers of the location was by the explorer Edward Eyre who explored regions around Port Augusta. John Horrocks also discovered a pass through the Flinders Ranges to the coast, now named Horrocks Pass.

The town was originally called Samuel's Creek after the discovery of Muddy Creek by Samuel Germein. In 1846, Port Pirie Creek was named by Governor Robe after the John Pirie, the first vessel to navigate the creek when transporting sheep from Bowman's Run near Crystal Brook. In 1848, Matthew Smith and Emanuel Solomon bought 85 acres (34 ha) and subdivided it as a township to be known as Port Pirie.

Population: 14 247

Port Pirie. Alexander Street, 1937
Alexander Street, 1937
Port Pirie. Central Hotel, 1885
Central Hotel, 1885
Port Pirie. Ellen Street, 1876
Ellen Street, 1876
Port Pirie. Ellen Street, 1937
Ellen Street - the train is at the Junction Station, which opened on 23 July 1937
Port Pirie. Fire engine, 1910
Fire engine and members of the Fire Brigade, 1910
Port Pirie. Institute, 1932
Institute, 1932
Port Pirie. Railway line, circa 1880
Railway line running through Port Pirie, circa 1880
Port Pirie. Railway Station, 1881
Railway Station, 1881
Port Pirie. Railway Station (built in 1902)
Railway Station (built in 1902) and Post Office, 1932
Port Pirie. Shipping silver bullion
Shipping silver bullion, 1885
Port Pirie. Soldiers' memorial Park
Soldiers' memorial Park, 1937
Port Pirie. The harbor, 1937
The harbor, 1937
Port Pirie. The Savings Bank, 1910
The Savings Bank of South Australia, 1910
Port Pirie. Town Hall, 1932
Town Hall, 1932
Port Pirie. View at harbour
View at harbour, circa 1880
Port Pirie. View at township
View at township, circa 1880

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