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A small historical reference

Geography: Swan Hill is a city in the northwest of Victoria, Australia on the Murray Valley Highway and on the south bank of the Murray River, downstream from the junction of the Loddon River.

Date of foundation: 1846


Population: 9 894


Swan Hill. Bowling green, circa 1930
Bowling green, circa 1930
Swan Hill. Bridge over Murray, circa 1930
Bridge over Murray, circa 1930
Swan Hill. Campbell street, circa 1930
Campbell street, circa 1930
Swan Hill. District Hospital, circa 1930
District Hospital, circa 1930
Swan Hill. Electric Light Station, circa 1920
Electric Light Station, circa 1920
Swan Hill. Bridge, circa 1930
Swan Hill Bridge, circa 1930
Swan Hill. Swimming Pool, circa 1930
Swimming Pool, circa 1930
Swan Hill. Town Hall, circa 1930
Town Hall, circa 1930

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